Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Day To Treasure

There are days that you know you will treasure for the rest of your life.
Last Tuesday was one of those days.

There were quite a few in on the surprise.
A few fibs were told.
There were a lot of good secret keepers.

The thing is, nobody was acting fishy.
Bill didn't act fishy.
My teammates didn't act fishy.
The only fishy thing seemed to be that my boss said we all needed to go to chapel.
We normally don't go to chapel so I thought the request a little odd.

My boss said a few kind words about this year's yearbook recipient.
She introduced my teammate and friend, Sara and that is when I knew.
Sara read the following paragraphs.

So sweet.
I tried not to cry but I was very unsuccessful.
The ugly crying pictures are floating around somewhere.

Typically the school will try to round up some of the family members to witness the surprise for the honoree.
I expected Bill and hoped for Jonnie and Rebekah.
I was blown away when my oldest walked out with them.

I was stunned.
They flew him in from N.Y. just for this.

We were sent off to breakfast but I was told to be back at the school at noon.
We had time to go by the house so I could change my shirt since I spilled on it.
I'm so glad that I did.


The dog is always thrilled to see the kids.
We shared a delicious taco salad for my birthday lunch.
One of our co-workers had some ice cream cake to share. Several teachers made a big deal about the fact that someone had cut into the cake and there wasn't enough for all of us.
Isn't that typical for work room food?
It was all funny because I don't really eat cake.
Once all of our students were gone for the day, they announced that someone had gone to replace the cake and that we would have it in the teacher's lounge.
"They didn't have to do that." is what I was thinking.

We got to the teacher lounge which was decorated with the cutest decor.
It still didn't register that the party was for me.

When I look at the pictures it is perfectly me and that should have been my clue.

I love that they took so much care in making it very "Let's Add Sprinkles."
So, so sweet and thoughtful.

Faculty and staff came by to offer congratulations and wish me a happy retirement.

I love the beautiful cake!
I've called my students, darlings for years.
I did eat some cake. It was filled with lemon which is my favorite.
It was another thoughtful touch.

Burlap, lace, white hobnail glass.

I love that they had the green accents with all the white.

Our librarian wrote a song for me.
I had already teased her earlier in the day and asked where my song was.
I realized there was no song at the year book dedication.
They were saving it for the retirement reception.

They got me the sweetest gift.

My brother called while I was on my way to dinner with my family.
"Anything happen today?"
"Nope. It was just an ordinary Tuesday."
"No surprises, none at all."
What a day to treasure.
Thank you to everyone that made it such a special day.