Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wholesale Browsing And Dreaming

I think I have a little shop keeper in me. 
The idea of a pop up shop has been ruminating around my brain the last few days. 
I'm not sure Bill would let me do it but it would be tons of fun. 

I'd like to offer unique, antique, architectural finds. 

I'd love to offer botanicals, flower pots, prints, and vessels of every kind.  

Repurposed junk and unique hand made items are a must have. 

Handmade wreaths would be offered. 

I'd love to have fun, vintage treasures. 

I tried this 20 years ago. 
It was a fail but that hasn't stopped me from perusing whole sale collections. 
There is some fun stuff out there.  

Some of the items I already own. 

Do not get me wrong, I'm not lamenting the fact that we paid retail. 

It's not that. 
It was surprising to discover how readily available these items are. 

Beautiful things help create a warm and inviting home. 
It would be lovely to curate a unique collection so that others can create warm and inviting spaces inside their homes.  
I'm not sure we broke even last time. Some of it sold. Some of it ended up with us but it was a learning experience.  

There will be life after I retire. 
It is fun to dream about what that life might look like. 
Thanks for letting me dream.